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Harper Government: defenders of democracy

It seems the Conservative Party of Canada is standing up for Canadians’ democratic rights and defending a highly formal process by which we select our leaders. That is a noble and admirable goal. However, this is coming from a party that’s gone to great lengths to circumvent that democracy.

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Filling the progressive void

Despite being shut out and sometimes banned from the major debates, largely ignored by the mainstream media, and sometimes ridiculed by reporters and other campaigns, Himy Syed is still out there, tirelessly promoting his vision for Toronto and fighting for the city he loves and believes in. If he’s proven one thing in this campaign, it’s that he’s not going away.

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Brad Feraday’s comment on my Ward 32 debate coverage

Last week I posted my coverage and some commentary on the all-candidates debate on Tuesday, October 19, at Kimbourne Park United Church. You can read the article here. A day or so later, ward 32 candidate Brad Feraday left a …

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Do you know who you’re voting for?

One woman dressed in purple and waving a George Smitherman sign called out bits of slogans to passers-by on foot, on their bikes and in their cars. As I listened to her, I began to wonder if she’s acually ever read any of Smitherman’s campaign materials.

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