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Queen East replacement bus: tips from a daily commuter

This summer the City of Toronto is rebuilding Queen Street between Coxwell and Connaught Avenues, doing badly-needed reconstruction of the road, sidewalks and streetcar tracks. Since streetcars won’t be able to get through with the tracks torn up, the iconic …

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Open letter to Toronto Council’s “left wing”, re: rapid transit

Dear esteemed councillors, In today’s Globe and Mail, I have read that some of you are being asked to vote against Councillor Stintz’s revised proposal for the Eglinton Light Rail. As you likely know, this plan restores the surface light …

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Metropass economics: 2012 edition

The Toronto Transit Commission has done a good job of making the Metropass only attractive to people who use transit as their main method of transportation. For the average commuter, tokens are now the better deal.

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Threes and sevens

With a new year comes a new transit fare hike in Toronto. In four years that I’ve lived here, it’s almost a guarantee. And with each fare hike comes a new set of fare token sales combos. Last year, a …

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Harpernomics versus federal transit funding

The federal transit pass credit is designed to make the cost of public transit more affordable for working individuals and families. But with transit costs always rising and cash-strapped municipalities forced to hike fares because the federal government won’t chip in, has the tax credit really saved anyone real money?

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Why are all the anti-Rob Fords panning subway construction?

Why does it seem like pundits on the left are always talking up light rail over subways in Toronto? Is there some kind of bizarre pinko conspiracy? Do lefties hate subways? Are we afraid of tunnels? Do we think that only the downtown elite should have effective transit? Or are there partisans among us that will just disagree with anything Rob Ford says, just because he said it?

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Eglinton LRT approved; Finch West & taxpayers lose

Mayor Rob Ford announced a press conference for tomorrow at 9am, where it is widely expected he and Premier Dalton McGuinty will announce funding for the Eglinton Crosstown LRT to Scarborough Town Centre, replacing the Scarborough RT with new LRT technology, and approval for Ford’s Sheppard Subway, at a total cost of $12.4 billion.

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Texting TTC drivers: the pictures are not the problem

In 2009, the TTC received over 30,000 complaints, from minor issues like discourteous service and late buses, to staff who are violent and endanger public safety. Through Kinnear’s tirades, the union refuses to deal with it, and the negative image spreads to the entire organization.

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Flemingdon Park, or why the TTC is allergic to customer service

Flemingdon Park is one of the city’s busiest routes, serving some of the most densely populated areas in Canada. It’s not uncommon at all to have 2 or 3 route 100 buses arriving at Broadview station at nearly the same time. But which bus is next to leave is a total guessing game.

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Buses cannot serve downtown Toronto

Under crush load numbers, it would take 476 buses to replace our 195 streetcars, just to maintain our already pathetic level of service in the core. This is just to replace the existing fleet.

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