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Why are all the anti-Rob Fords panning subway construction?

Why does it seem like pundits on the left are always talking up light rail over subways in Toronto? Is there some kind of bizarre pinko conspiracy? Do lefties hate subways? Are we afraid of tunnels? Do we think that only the downtown elite should have effective transit? Or are there partisans among us that will just disagree with anything Rob Ford says, just because he said it?

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Texting TTC drivers: the pictures are not the problem

In 2009, the TTC received over 30,000 complaints, from minor issues like discourteous service and late buses, to staff who are violent and endanger public safety. Through Kinnear’s tirades, the union refuses to deal with it, and the negative image spreads to the entire organization.

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Transit City: rapid transit for all of Toronto

While the added expense of subways may be justified in some areas, like the central Eglinton corridor where the density may grow to be sufficient in the foreseeable future, in other areas surface light rail is simply the better option as part of the city’s transportation plan.

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Save Transit City: e-mail them!

If you haven’t already, please consider sending off an e-mail through this website to let our governments know that the people of Toronto really do care about bringing clean and affordable rapid transit to everyone in the city.

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We need more options for TTC funding

Toronto’s transit system has a lot of now well-publicized problems, but what it needs more than anything is a steady source of non-political revenue. This can’t be achieved through one-time politically sensitive government handouts. In short, since the Ontario government is not willing to provide the region with guaranteed, sustainable transit funding, Toronto should seek that funding elsewhere.

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299 Bloor, call control

With info from http://www.uer.ca/forum_showthread_archive.asp?fid=3&threadid=1936 If you’ve spent any kind of time on Toronto’s subway system, especially if you’re a daily commuter like me, you’ve likely heard numbered codes being broadcast over the system’s public address system. The most common of …

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