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Cell phone adventures: round 2

Now I know that my Wind-branded Huawei U8100-9 operates using HSPA 3G on AWS 1700 and UMTS 2100, and 2G over the four GSM bands. In this part of the country, that means my phone should be compatible with Wind Mobile (my original carrier) and Mobilicity, both AWS carriers, and the older and more mature Rogers GSM network, which includes Fido and Chatr brands.

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Don’t have cable? You can still pick up a few channels

Tonight I advised someone on Twitter on how to rig up a really cheap antenna for their TY, so they could watch the season premiere of Glee. Basically, I suggested jamming a paperclip into the cable socket, which believe it …

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Ein buch für alle und keinen

Is it just me, or is the “smart guy” in the Rogers wireless commercials a total douchebag? In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, Rogers Wireless has these commercials on TV around here which start off with a …

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