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Picasa 3.8 in Ubuntu 10.04

If you have either a Compact Flash reader or the camera’s USB cable, you should be able to cut out my printer/network step and download your photos to your Ubuntu computer directly, either by copying them manually or by using Picasa. And that’s what this post is really about, getting Picasa to run in Ubuntu. Once you have Picasa running, that should solve the rest of your problems.

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Don’t have cable? You can still pick up a few channels

Tonight I advised someone on Twitter on how to rig up a really cheap antenna for their TY, so they could watch the season premiere of Glee. Basically, I suggested jamming a paperclip into the cable socket, which believe it …

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Another PVR update!

Well it’s been a little over two months since I posted anything, so why not another update on the status of all my computers? That seems like a good way to step back into blogging. About three months ago, I …

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I am in computer hell

While waiting for more operating system reinstalls, I decided to chronicle what’s going on in the blog, on the one computer (out of 4-ish) that is still working acceptably well. Acceptable, in this case, means able to connect to the …

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