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Filling the progressive void

Despite being shut out and sometimes banned from the major debates, largely ignored by the mainstream media, and sometimes ridiculed by reporters and other campaigns, Himy Syed is still out there, tirelessly promoting his vision for Toronto and fighting for the city he loves and believes in. If he’s proven one thing in this campaign, it’s that he’s not going away.

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Do you know who you’re voting for?

One woman dressed in purple and waving a George Smitherman sign called out bits of slogans to passers-by on foot, on their bikes and in their cars. As I listened to her, I began to wonder if she’s acually ever read any of Smitherman’s campaign materials.

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Joe Pantalone on cycling

Would I vote Pantalone based on people believing that he’ll probably do something positive for cycling in Toronto, even though he hasn’t made clear exactly what that is? Of course not. Even Rob Ford has directly addressed cycling infrastructure – he hates bicycles, but at least he’s said it.

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Another one bites the dust

Whether or not you would change your vote at this point in the campaign, Syed’s Vision 2020 is a crucial read for all progressive voters. We’re going to have to put our city back together after four years of Ford or Smitherman, and Himy Syed and his vision aren’t going away.

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Rossi’s financial plan: makes as much sense as the rest of his campaign

On its own, Rossi’s plan seems fiscally responsible, as long as you’re ok with the sale of public assets like Toronto Hydro. He doesn’t propose to cut taxes but is offering a way to increase taxpayers’ value for our tax dollars by balancing the budget over time, without offering the lies of the other campaigns that we can pay less without sacrificing vital city services.

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Rocco Rossi’s bike plan: missing the point

It’s somewhat ironic that I was just considering offering a reward for a recent picture of Rocco Rossi riding a bicycle. Today, Rossi released one of the emptiest bicycle network proposals so far. Rossi’s plan calls for installation of separated lanes on only four streets, three of which already have painted lanes and none of which are major routes, and nothing else at all. Even Rob Ford’s bicycle network proposal is more comprehensive.

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Which candidate has the most Klout?

In the wake of the recent Pollstra poll showing Rob Ford with a hefty lead in the Toronto mayoral election, I spent a small part of today thinking up ways to conduct my own completely unscientific poll. Then I realized …

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Toronto’s progressive political void

Toronto’s 2010 civic elections look to be very disappointing for progressives of all stripes, with local media having decided on an unapologetically right-wing slate of mayoral candidates (except maybe Joe Pantalone), blatantly ignoring the multitude of other candidates completely, snubbing them from “public” debates, and generally avoiding them.

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