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Harpernomics versus federal transit funding

The federal transit pass credit is designed to make the cost of public transit more affordable for working individuals and families. But with transit costs always rising and cash-strapped municipalities forced to hike fares because the federal government won’t chip in, has the tax credit really saved anyone real money?

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Beaches-East York all candidates’ debate

On Wednesday, I attended an all-candidates’ debate for the federal candidates for the riding of Beaches-East York, my home riding in eastern Toronto. The debate was held from 7-9pm at the Beaches United Church on Wineva Ave, but I missed …

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Harper Government: defenders of democracy

It seems the Conservative Party of Canada is standing up for Canadians’ democratic rights and defending a highly formal process by which we select our leaders. That is a noble and admirable goal. However, this is coming from a party that’s gone to great lengths to circumvent that democracy.

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Why aren’t corporate tax cuts working?

Most economists now agree that Reaganomics actually didn’t result in any significant economic growth that wasn’t explained by regular economic cycles, while public debt exploded and private saving was reduced to almost nothing. The deficit grew every year until Bill Clinton raised tax rates in 1993, cutting the deficit in half in a single year.

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A quiet week for blogging

Fear not, I’m still opinionated and political, but after the combined disasters of October 25th and November 2nd, I’m taking a bit of a break.

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So long, gravy train

Verbally abusive, anti-immigration, homophobic, unable or unwilling to follow the rules of City Hall, an enemy of arts and the environment, many times over an embarrassment to Toronto already. We want him to be our leader!

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Lessons in voter turnout from London, Ontario

There have been many initiatives in recent years to try to get more people, especially young people, to the polls. In the 2006 municipal election, London City Hall tried an idea to make the polls more accessible to people.

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Joe Pantalone on cycling

Would I vote Pantalone based on people believing that he’ll probably do something positive for cycling in Toronto, even though he hasn’t made clear exactly what that is? Of course not. Even Rob Ford has directly addressed cycling infrastructure – he hates bicycles, but at least he’s said it.

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Another one bites the dust

Whether or not you would change your vote at this point in the campaign, Syed’s Vision 2020 is a crucial read for all progressive voters. We’re going to have to put our city back together after four years of Ford or Smitherman, and Himy Syed and his vision aren’t going away.

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Jarvis bike lanes: after Labour Day

Rocco Rossi proclaimed that following the Labour Day weekend, when students returned from summer holidays, we would surely see gridlock on Jarvis Street. It hasn’t happened.

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