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On the economics of commuting

In basic economics, the demand for a commodity is a function of the supply of that commodity and the price paid to acquire it. We can use the supply-demand model to compare commuting choices.

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How to ride a bike on Queen Street

Cycling on the streets of Toronto is fun, convenient, enjoyable and relatively safe, but it’s also a serious responsibility. You are traffic and you could be hurt or hurt someone else if you don’t take it seriously. Biking on Queen Street can be a challenge, but once you do it a few times you’ll see just how easy it is.

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Putting the brakes on the car tax

Stick this in your tailpipe you right-wing nut jobs: this pinko is glad the car tax is dead. Toronto’s Personal Vehicle Tax was one of the most unfair and ridiculous taxes possible.

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Buses cannot serve downtown Toronto

Under crush load numbers, it would take 476 buses to replace our 195 streetcars, just to maintain our already pathetic level of service in the core. This is just to replace the existing fleet.

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More thoughts on bicycle licensing

Bicycle licensing is an issue often brought up as a way to improve cycling, by people on both sides of the argument, but adding another layer of licensing bureaucracy will just cost more money. To suggest that cyclists should be tested so much more rigorously than vehicle drivers is absurd.

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The bike lane issue

The whole point of installing bike lanes on major streets is to separate vulnerable bicycle traffic from fast-moving vehicle traffic, and prevent conflicts between the two mixing in the same lane. If bike lanes are going to be useful at all, they must go where the cyclists already are.

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Fuel economy experiment

As almost guaranteed by the fact that I said I would, I ended up not blogging at all on the trip to PEI.  It was great, of course, but we were so busy I hardly had time to check my …

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PEI Trip, Day minus one

For the past few weeks Tay & I have been making excited references to each other along the lines of “know where we’ll be 2 weeks from now?  PEI!”  and so on.  Well today, two weeks has become two days.  …

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We are not at war

This was no accident. This is not a situation that a bike lane would have prevented. Although it may have been sparked by a collision, this was a brutal fight between two grown men. Regardless of the fact that they were on a bicycle and in a car, both men could have reacted differently, and both men didn’t. My fear is that characterizing this incident as driver vs. cyclist violence will result in more of that sort of violence, and we certainly don’t need any more of it.

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Zipcar Review: Prius Patrice

Earlier this week, I had a lunchtime appointment downtown, which was going to be a pain to get to by subway both ways. Rather than reschedule or take the day off work, I picked up Zipcar’s Toyota Prius “Patrice” from …

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