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Rossi’s financial plan: makes as much sense as the rest of his campaign

On its own, Rossi’s plan seems fiscally responsible, as long as you’re ok with the sale of public assets like Toronto Hydro. He doesn’t propose to cut taxes but is offering a way to increase taxpayers’ value for our tax dollars by balancing the budget over time, without offering the lies of the other campaigns that we can pay less without sacrificing vital city services.

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Rocco Rossi’s bike plan: missing the point

It’s somewhat ironic that I was just considering offering a reward for a recent picture of Rocco Rossi riding a bicycle. Today, Rossi released one of the emptiest bicycle network proposals so far. Rossi’s plan calls for installation of separated lanes on only four streets, three of which already have painted lanes and none of which are major routes, and nothing else at all. Even Rob Ford’s bicycle network proposal is more comprehensive.

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Jarvis bike lanes: after Labour Day

Rocco Rossi proclaimed that following the Labour Day weekend, when students returned from summer holidays, we would surely see gridlock on Jarvis Street. It hasn’t happened.

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More thoughts on bicycle licensing

Bicycle licensing is an issue often brought up as a way to improve cycling, by people on both sides of the argument, but adding another layer of licensing bureaucracy will just cost more money. To suggest that cyclists should be tested so much more rigorously than vehicle drivers is absurd.

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Bubbles and jazz and sammiches

This Saturday, Tay & I ventured down to Queen’s Park for the second consecutive weekend rally calling for a public G20 inquiry. Tay heard there would be bubble blowing, so we stocked up on dollar store bubbles and showed up …

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Critical Mass

On Friday, Tay & I rode in our first Critical Mass. On the last Friday of every month, cyclists in cities across the world meet in their cities’ core and ride en masse around city streets. There is no leader, …

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Of Bikes and Bards

Yesterday was a warm day, but it was the first really nice day without a brutal north wind this week, so I hopped on my bike with its new inner tubes to head to work. My “fast” route to work …

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The bike lane issue

The whole point of installing bike lanes on major streets is to separate vulnerable bicycle traffic from fast-moving vehicle traffic, and prevent conflicts between the two mixing in the same lane. If bike lanes are going to be useful at all, they must go where the cyclists already are.

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Labour Day Cruising Around Toronto

This weekend, the last long weekend of a somewhat lousy summer (weather-wise), I wanted to make sure I got out on my bike at least once.  With Tay working Saturday and Monday, I thought that Sunday would be a good …

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We are not at war

This was no accident. This is not a situation that a bike lane would have prevented. Although it may have been sparked by a collision, this was a brutal fight between two grown men. Regardless of the fact that they were on a bicycle and in a car, both men could have reacted differently, and both men didn’t. My fear is that characterizing this incident as driver vs. cyclist violence will result in more of that sort of violence, and we certainly don’t need any more of it.

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