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Canada’s 41st Parliament with mixed-member proportional representation

A few days ago I posted an article on Senate reform, an issue that gets more attention and draws out more opinions than I expected. At the same time, fellow accountant/blogger Neal Jennings was writing his own post on Senate …

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What to do with Canada’s Senate?

Not much has been said lately about reforming Canada’s upper house, the Senate. That’s probably because Canadians don’t know much about our Senate or how it works, and certainly almost no Canadian citizens have ever participated in its selection, being a purely appointed body. Canada’s Senate is effectively impotent, and reform is needed.

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Harper Government: defenders of democracy

It seems the Conservative Party of Canada is standing up for Canadians’ democratic rights and defending a highly formal process by which we select our leaders. That is a noble and admirable goal. However, this is coming from a party that’s gone to great lengths to circumvent that democracy.

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First PEI post!

It’s my first post from Prince Edward Island! I’ve been meaning to put up a series of quick posts as we do stuff, but our campsite with no coverage at all kinda killed that idea. Tay & I are on …

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