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Why are all the anti-Rob Fords panning subway construction?

Why does it seem like pundits on the left are always talking up light rail over subways in Toronto? Is there some kind of bizarre pinko conspiracy? Do lefties hate subways? Are we afraid of tunnels? Do we think that only the downtown elite should have effective transit? Or are there partisans among us that will just disagree with anything Rob Ford says, just because he said it?

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Jarvis bike lanes: after Labour Day

Rocco Rossi proclaimed that following the Labour Day weekend, when students returned from summer holidays, we would surely see gridlock on Jarvis Street. It hasn’t happened.

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Buses cannot serve downtown Toronto

Under crush load numbers, it would take 476 buses to replace our 195 streetcars, just to maintain our already pathetic level of service in the core. This is just to replace the existing fleet.

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More thoughts on bicycle licensing

Bicycle licensing is an issue often brought up as a way to improve cycling, by people on both sides of the argument, but adding another layer of licensing bureaucracy will just cost more money. To suggest that cyclists should be tested so much more rigorously than vehicle drivers is absurd.

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Bubbles and jazz and sammiches

This Saturday, Tay & I ventured down to Queen’s Park for the second consecutive weekend rally calling for a public G20 inquiry. Tay heard there would be bubble blowing, so we stocked up on dollar store bubbles and showed up …

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Rob Ford should show some Respect For Taxpayers

So far, the cumulative total of the wasteful spending Ford claims on his website stands at $215,678,400. Based on 2008 property tax rates and Toronto’s 2008 financial statements, all of Rob Ford’s cuts save taxpayers a total of four dollars and ninety eight cents.

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Day of Action for Civil Liberties

Today, in cities across Canada, people upset about the behaviour of police during the Toronto G20 Summit two weeks ago, and the unlawful suspension of our constitutionally-guaranteed basic rights, rallied to express their outrage, and to encourage politicians at all …

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A quick G20 rant, probably not the last

This is going to be a short post, because I don’t have a lot of time right now. I just learned that Toronto City Council voted “unanimously” to commend the forces policing the G20 Summit in downtown Toronto two weekends …

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Phono preamp phase three!

Welcome to part 3 of my ongoing series on building a phono preamp. This is going to be a quick one because it’s Canada Day and there’s drinking to do, but you can follow these links to read part 1 …

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The weekend Toronto can never forget

First: disclosure. I have no affiliation with any political or activist group. I have previously been a member of the New Democratic Party, I’ve been to my share of rallies and demonstrations, and I generally identify myself as a strongly …

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