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Cell phone adventures: round 2

Now I know that my Wind-branded Huawei U8100-9 operates using HSPA 3G on AWS 1700 and UMTS 2100, and 2G over the four GSM bands. In this part of the country, that means my phone should be compatible with Wind Mobile (my original carrier) and Mobilicity, both AWS carriers, and the older and more mature Rogers GSM network, which includes Fido and Chatr brands.

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Texting TTC drivers: the pictures are not the problem

In 2009, the TTC received over 30,000 complaints, from minor issues like discourteous service and late buses, to staff who are violent and endanger public safety. Through Kinnear’s tirades, the union refuses to deal with it, and the negative image spreads to the entire organization.

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Cell phone adventure, part 1

About six months ago, I entered the smartphone era with the purchase of my first Android phone, the Huawei U8100, from Wind Mobile. Despite a few minor billing issues, I was generally impressed with the company and their service, and …

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Usage based billing: Canada’s regulatory failure

What’s the big deal, anyway? Shouldn’t Bell be allowed to charge whatever they want for third party providers to rent their network? In fact, third-party internet access doesn’t share capacity with Bell’s retail network at all. Although Bell has claimed that third-party access is provided on what is basically a wholesale version of their own retail network, in fact the networks are entirely separate and rely on different technology.

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