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Putting the brakes on the car tax

Stick this in your tailpipe you right-wing nut jobs: this pinko is glad the car tax is dead. Toronto’s Personal Vehicle Tax was one of the most unfair and ridiculous taxes possible.

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Transit City: rapid transit for all of Toronto

While the added expense of subways may be justified in some areas, like the central Eglinton corridor where the density may grow to be sufficient in the foreseeable future, in other areas surface light rail is simply the better option as part of the city’s transportation plan.

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Save Transit City: e-mail them!

If you haven’t already, please consider sending off an e-mail through this website to let our governments know that the people of Toronto really do care about bringing clean and affordable rapid transit to everyone in the city.

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Transit City: not a war on cars

It makes no sense to me at all why Rob Ford wants to throw away billions of dollars to scrap a transportation plan for the whole city, not to mention that the vehicles are already ordered and the rails are already under construction. Ford wants to replace it with over-capacity service to one small part of the city that may cost billions more than all of Transit City combined.

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