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200 Wellesley fire & fundraiser

FACEBOOK EVENT: click here for more info Last Friday, a fire broke out in an upper-floor apartment at 200 Wellesley Street East, a 28-storey highrise in Toronto‚Äôs St. James Town. The fire spread to other apartments, eventually engulfing several on …

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Rocco Rossi’s bike plan: missing the point

It’s somewhat ironic that I was just considering offering a reward for a recent picture of Rocco Rossi riding a bicycle. Today, Rossi released one of the emptiest bicycle network proposals so far. Rossi’s plan calls for installation of separated lanes on only four streets, three of which already have painted lanes and none of which are major routes, and nothing else at all. Even Rob Ford’s bicycle network proposal is more comprehensive.

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The Spadina Expressway Tunnel: bad for everyone

By removing the incomplete expressway, the onramp bottlenecks on Eglinton and Lawrence will disappear. With the subway back underground, the land on top can be used for new development. New homes, new businesses, who knows?

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Jarvis bike lanes: after Labour Day

Rocco Rossi proclaimed that following the Labour Day weekend, when students returned from summer holidays, we would surely see gridlock on Jarvis Street. It hasn’t happened.

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Buses cannot serve downtown Toronto

Under crush load numbers, it would take 476 buses to replace our 195 streetcars, just to maintain our already pathetic level of service in the core. This is just to replace the existing fleet.

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Picasa 3.8 in Ubuntu 10.04

If you have either a Compact Flash reader or the camera’s USB cable, you should be able to cut out my printer/network step and download your photos to your Ubuntu computer directly, either by copying them manually or by using Picasa. And that’s what this post is really about, getting Picasa to run in Ubuntu. Once you have Picasa running, that should solve the rest of your problems.

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Initial review: WIND Mobile

Earlier this week I ditched my old Nokia flip phone and Fido contract in favour of a no-contract WIND Mobile plan. I had been planning to switch basically since the CRTC announced that it was deregulating the cell phone market …

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Wash your fruits and veggies!

This is a letter to the editor I wrote to the London Free Press in the spring of 2003. I dug it up tonight while sorting some old papers. I want to put it up here in digital form, because …

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