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The weekend Toronto can never forget

First: disclosure. I have no affiliation with any political or activist group. I have previously been a member of the New Democratic Party, I’ve been to my share of rallies and demonstrations, and I generally identify myself as a strongly …

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Critical Mass

On Friday, Tay & I rode in our first Critical Mass. On the last Friday of every month, cyclists in cities across the world meet in their cities’ core and ride en masse around city streets. There is no leader, …

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Building a phono preamp, part 2

Turns out this series will have multiple postings, as a result of severe failure. Which I should have been anticipating, probably. In part 1 of this series, I explained our partial success in finding a record player at Value Village, …

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So, unless you’re living under a rock, or you really REALLY don’t pay attention to the news, or maybe you’re just not from east-central Canada or the northeastern US, you’ve heard by now that there was an earthquake today in …

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Vinyl odyssey part 1

Tay & I have wanted a record player for a while. I sort of inherited my grandfather’s vinyl collection when I moved to Toronto and cleared out mom & dad’s basement for spare dishes and empty boxes. He was from …

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Of Bikes and Bards

Yesterday was a warm day, but it was the first really nice day without a brutal north wind this week, so I hopped on my bike with its new inner tubes to head to work. My “fast” route to work …

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Toronto’s progressive political void

Toronto’s 2010 civic elections look to be very disappointing for progressives of all stripes, with local media having decided on an unapologetically right-wing slate of mayoral candidates (except maybe Joe Pantalone), blatantly ignoring the multitude of other candidates completely, snubbing them from “public” debates, and generally avoiding them.

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[myth]TV in the bedroom

I’ve been thinking about how to do TV in the bedroom for a while. Like, a while. Because I’m cheap and don’t want to buy a new TV. That’s the simple idea, of course, to get another cheap TV and …

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Theme ADD

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, first off thanks, but also you may notice over the next little while many sweeping changes happening to the site. It’s always going to be up for expansion of course, but I’ve …

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Another rant about the TTC

It’s Monday morning, 9:30am. At Broadview subway station, on the surface bus platform, a sheet of pink paper is taped to a pillar. It reads “504/505 shuttle bus, BOARD HERE”. A handful of confused riders stand around looking bewildered. This …

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