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Picasa 3.5

I spent most of tonight playing around with Picasa 3.5, which may not be particularly new but is “new to me” tonight. I mentioned in a previous post that I was considering opening up a Flickr account, hoping that I’d …

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Twice Baked Potatoes

Tay & I have been trying to eat what’s in our fridge and cupboards over the last few weeks.  It’s sort of like rotation in the produce department, except most of what we have doesn’t go bad.  On the last …

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Labour Day Cruising Around Toronto

This weekend, the last long weekend of a somewhat lousy summer (weather-wise), I wanted to make sure I got out on my bike at least once.  With Tay working Saturday and Monday, I thought that Sunday would be a good …

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We are not at war

This was no accident. This is not a situation that a bike lane would have prevented. Although it may have been sparked by a collision, this was a brutal fight between two grown men. Regardless of the fact that they were on a bicycle and in a car, both men could have reacted differently, and both men didn’t. My fear is that characterizing this incident as driver vs. cyclist violence will result in more of that sort of violence, and we certainly don’t need any more of it.

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