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Who will be the champion of Toronto’s bike network?

The real cycling superheroes will be the city councillors who vote against the Fords’ ridiculous, car-focused transportation plan. These superheroes will save Toronto from becoming one of the only cities in the world to remove bicycle infrastructure instead of promoting healthy alternatives to vehicle traffic.

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Winning at trash collection

There is a lot of anger directed at the city’s unionized trash collectors because of the 2009 strike, which the Fords used to their advantage in the last election, but plowing through poorly costed private contracts just to spite the unions is no way to respect the taxpayer.

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Canada’s 41st Parliament with mixed-member proportional representation

A few days ago I posted an article on Senate reform, an issue that gets more attention and draws out more opinions than I expected. At the same time, fellow accountant/blogger Neal Jennings was writing his own post on Senate …

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What to do with Canada’s Senate?

Not much has been said lately about reforming Canada’s upper house, the Senate. That’s probably because Canadians don’t know much about our Senate or how it works, and certainly almost no Canadian citizens have ever participated in its selection, being a purely appointed body. Canada’s Senate is effectively impotent, and reform is needed.

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Harpernomics versus federal transit funding

The federal transit pass credit is designed to make the cost of public transit more affordable for working individuals and families. But with transit costs always rising and cash-strapped municipalities forced to hike fares because the federal government won’t chip in, has the tax credit really saved anyone real money?

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Beaches-East York all candidates’ debate

On Wednesday, I attended an all-candidates’ debate for the federal candidates for the riding of Beaches-East York, my home riding in eastern Toronto. The debate was held from 7-9pm at the Beaches United Church on Wineva Ave, but I missed …

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Harper Government: defenders of democracy

It seems the Conservative Party of Canada is standing up for Canadians’ democratic rights and defending a highly formal process by which we select our leaders. That is a noble and admirable goal. However, this is coming from a party that’s gone to great lengths to circumvent that democracy.

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Why aren’t corporate tax cuts working?

Most economists now agree that Reaganomics actually didn’t result in any significant economic growth that wasn’t explained by regular economic cycles, while public debt exploded and private saving was reduced to almost nothing. The deficit grew every year until Bill Clinton raised tax rates in 1993, cutting the deficit in half in a single year.

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Eglinton LRT approved; Finch West & taxpayers lose

Mayor Rob Ford announced a press conference for tomorrow at 9am, where it is widely expected he and Premier Dalton McGuinty will announce funding for the Eglinton Crosstown LRT to Scarborough Town Centre, replacing the Scarborough RT with new LRT technology, and approval for Ford’s Sheppard Subway, at a total cost of $12.4 billion.

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Putting the brakes on the car tax

Stick this in your tailpipe you right-wing nut jobs: this pinko is glad the car tax is dead. Toronto’s Personal Vehicle Tax was one of the most unfair and ridiculous taxes possible.

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