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Thinking #Crackstarter? Why not donate to a deserving charity instead?

Crackstarter has raised over $100,000 for crack dealers and public humiliation. I’m no fan of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, and there’s lots of reasons I’d like to see him removed from office, but we can put our money to better uses than this.

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Talking about the Big Move

Today the region’s business leaders agreed that we’re on the right track. Our region’s economy won’t shrivel up and die because we agreed to pay for transit expansion. What it won’t survive is continuing to do nothing.

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Open letter to Toronto Council’s “left wing”, re: rapid transit

Dear esteemed councillors, In today’s Globe and Mail, I have read that some of you are being asked to vote against Councillor Stintz’s revised proposal for the Eglinton Light Rail. As you likely know, this plan restores the surface light …

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Easy service reduction recipe!

For today’s libertarian mayor-on-the-go, I’m posting this recipe for reduced government services, low taxes and reduced spending. It’s similar to the recipe that cooked the budget that Rob Ford will be unveiling in Toronto today, and follows a rich right-wing …

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A letter to my City Councillor

I just wrote this letter to my local representative, the “mighty middle” Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon. If you’re angry about what’s happening at City Hall today, I encourage you to write your own letter too. — Dear Councillor McMahon, My name …

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Beaches East York debate live-blog

NOTE: this page does not refresh automatically. Welcome to my live-blog of tonight’s Beaches-East York all-candidates debate at Beach United Church. This is my first attempt at live-blogging anything and I don’t know how well this is going to work …

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Ontario Election 2011: Beaches East York

With the upcoming Ontario provincial election around the corner, and one of a few community all-candidates debates coming up tonight, I thought it might be a good idea tonight to find out who’s running in my riding. After a bit …

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City Hall Slumber Party II: Thumb Harder

Last night, Shawnte & I joined hundreds of our friends & fellow citizens at Toronto City Hall for the second all-night Executive Committee meeting. We listened as deputant after deputant pleaded for Mayor Rob Ford to spare their essential city …

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Every Mayor is better than ours

Many cities around the world are facing the same sorts of budgetary restraints and growth pressures as Canada’s largest city. Tough decisions are being made every day. Yet almost every day, a news story comes out about a big city mayor facing tough circumstances who stood up for progressive city-building policy, and who is making international headlines for all the right reasons.

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Going the wrong way on bike lanes

While all of us recognize that there are some cyclists who refuse to play by the rules, talking about how to punish them is the wrong place to start, and taking away options for safe riding is certainly not going to help either.

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