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On the economics of commuting

In basic economics, the demand for a commodity is a function of the supply of that commodity and the price paid to acquire it. We can use the supply-demand model to compare commuting choices.

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2013 Metropass update

Last year, when I did this, I made myself a handy template so that I could just punch in the new numbers when the TTC inevitably hikes fares every year. Most years, anyway. If you want to read about the …

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Queen East replacement bus: tips from a daily commuter

This summer the City of Toronto is rebuilding Queen Street between Coxwell and Connaught Avenues, doing badly-needed reconstruction of the road, sidewalks and streetcar tracks. Since streetcars won’t be able to get through with the tracks torn up, the iconic …

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City Hall Slumber Party II: Thumb Harder

Last night, Shawnte & I joined hundreds of our friends & fellow citizens at Toronto City Hall for the second all-night Executive Committee meeting. We listened as deputant after deputant pleaded for Mayor Rob Ford to spare their essential city …

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Every Mayor is better than ours

Many cities around the world are facing the same sorts of budgetary restraints and growth pressures as Canada’s largest city. Tough decisions are being made every day. Yet almost every day, a news story comes out about a big city mayor facing tough circumstances who stood up for progressive city-building policy, and who is making international headlines for all the right reasons.

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Eight thousand!

I signed in this morning to check my stats … Thanks you guys! The universe must know I like round numbers.

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Halloween costume forty two

Basically all you need for an Arthur Dent costume: your pyjamas, a dressing gown, slippers, and of course you can’t go anywhere without your towel.

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Lest we forget

The poppy is not a symbol of war, but a symbol of the end of war. Indeed, they began to grow in the war-scorched fields of Ypres, Belgium following the end of the most terrible wars ever to be fought.

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Guitar Hero double-strum fix

Every 5-10 downstrums or so, the guitar caused a phantom upstrum even though I hadn’t strummed in that direction. What was happening was the strum bar travels too far on the downstrum, and on springing back it was pushing the upstrum switch just enough to register. No good for rocking out. Here’s how to fix it.

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