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Thinking #Crackstarter? Why not donate to a deserving charity instead?

Crackstarter has raised over $100,000 for crack dealers and public humiliation. I’m no fan of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, and there’s lots of reasons I’d like to see him removed from office, but we can put our money to better uses than this.

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On the economics of commuting

In basic economics, the demand for a commodity is a function of the supply of that commodity and the price paid to acquire it. We can use the supply-demand model to compare commuting choices.

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2013 Metropass update

Last year, when I did this, I made myself a handy template so that I could just punch in the new numbers when the TTC inevitably hikes fares every year. Most years, anyway. If you want to read about the …

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Metropass economics: 2012 edition

The Toronto Transit Commission has done a good job of making the Metropass only attractive to people who use transit as their main method of transportation. For the average commuter, tokens are now the better deal.

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Android personal finance apps

I’ve been on the hunt for a decent mobile personal finance tool for my Android phone. I want a tool that will download my bank transactions and allow me to categorize them so I can compare with my personal budget.

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Content licensing

A quick word about content licensing …. First of all, and most generally, any content you see on this blog is written and/or created by Greg Burrell (that’s me) and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. …

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Invoicing tips for freelancers

I’ve been processing a lot of designers’ invoices at work lately, and it’s baffling how many independent artists have a stunningly beautiful invoice, but lack even basic financial info – the stuff you need to get paid. I make it …

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Letter From a Jilted Customer

Going through an old e-mail account this morning, I came across this gem I wrote to Belair Direct last fall after my repeated calls failed to resolve my issue, which was that my address needed to be updated, and they …

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Ein buch für alle und keinen

Is it just me, or is the “smart guy” in the Rogers wireless commercials a total douchebag? In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, Rogers Wireless has these commercials on TV around here which start off with a …

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Finance tip: put 10% of your pay into a savings account

A high-interest savings account is a great, risk-free way to see your money grow over time, and the results of putting in a little bit regularly will really add up. A typical high-interest savings account might pay something like 2% – 4% per year. Then again, your typical credit card charges an interest rate of about 18% per year, and many retail cards charge close to 30%! Pay these off FIRST.

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