PEI Trip, Day minus one

For the past few weeks Tay & I have been making excited references to each other along the lines of “know where we’ll be 2 weeks from now?  PEI!”  and so on.  Well today, two weeks has become two days.  That’s right, we’re leaving for the island in the morning!  (Actually, this morning it was “guess where we’ll be tomorrow?” “uhh, somewhere in Québec?”)

We’re leaving in the morning for Prince Edward Island, Tay’s home province, land of potatoes and lobster and red sand and Anne of Green Gables.  I consider tomorrow to be Day Zero, since we will spend the entire day completing the 18-hour drive from Toronto through Montréal, Québec City, New Brunswick, the Confederation Bridge and halfway across the island.  Tay’s been learning to drive the Focus (it’s a 5-speed) and has driven around town some but so far hasn’t been out on the highway.  We’ll cover that tomorrow, in a sort of trial by fire.  I’ll likely drive through the big cities, although she’s vowed to take the first shift, including leaving our apartment in a very hilly area and setting out on one of the busiest stretches of freeway on the continent.  It will be very early though, and I’m sure she’ll be fine.  This will also be the first time I’ve ever been a passenger in my own car on any sort of trip, which I’m finding slightly nerve-wracking.  Not that I’m nervous about her driving at all, just that I’m not used to sitting so close to the sidewalk.

I’m planning to blog each day during the trip, although that could quickly change depending on what we’re up to and how much I’ve had to drink.  I have my mom’s Fuji Finepix F480 borrowed for the trip for taking good pictures.  However, in my very basic preliminary examination of the camera, it seems locked in a fully-automatic mode that isn’t going to let me play around with photo settings very much, which makes me sad.  So I’ll bring along my old Pentax camera too, for familiarity and for assurance that I can take a really decent photo if need be.  The major benefit of the Fuji is the rechargeable battery, of course.

I probably won’t have time to post any pics until we’re back next week, but I’m sure we’ll have plenty.

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Greg is an accountant, cyclist and political observer living in Toronto, Canada with too many cats.
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