Talking about the Big Move

This morning, the Toronto Region Board of Trade recommended a series of revenue tools for the GTA, to raise revenues for Metrolinx’ Big Move transit expansion in the area.

Within a few hours, the Toronto Star published an article full of suburban drivers’ negative comments on new taxes for transit, complete with inaccurate quotes from “people at the mall” about why they shouldn’t have to pay for what they’ve been told is someone else’s problem.

Why do we keep letting our media outlets get away with this sensationalism, pitting drivers against transit users and downtowners against suburbanites in a dreamt-up War On The CarTM? This kind of reporting doesn’t serve anyone’s interests, and plays into the political games and populism that have deprived the Toronto region of serious talk about transportation for nearly 40 years.

We should be celebrating the recommendations today. Our regional and provincial governments have been struggling with the tools to fund these significant transportation projects, and in spite of the ramblings of a few loudmouth politicians, today the region’s business leaders agreed that we’re on the right track. Our region’s economy won’t shrivel up and die because we agreed to pay for transit expansion. What it won’t survive is continuing to do nothing.

About Greg Burrell

Greg is an accountant, cyclist and political observer living in Toronto, Canada with too many cats.
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