A letter to my City Councillor

I just wrote this letter to my local representative, the “mighty middle” Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon. If you’re angry about what’s happening at City Hall today, I encourage you to write your own letter too.

Dear Councillor McMahon,

My name is Greg, and I am a resident of the Beaches in ward 32. You spoke to my girlfriend, Shawnte, after she was hit by a car on her bike on her way to a council meeting over the summer, and it was a pleasure to meet you in person at a recent 32 Spokes meeting.

I am writing to you today because I am worried about the Mayor’s proposed package of cuts to city services that you and your colleagues are discussing today. I realize that the city is in a poor financial condition, but you must realize that the problem is the Mayor’s own creation. I know that some services will have to be scaled back, savings found, and hard choices made. However, the Mayor’s plan that only includes cuts must be rejected.

It is no coincidence that these cuts affect the most vulnerable residents of our city, while those who could afford to pay a bit more, like you and me, are asked to pay less instead. Mayor Ford is on record saying that he believes that governments’ only responsibilities are roads, police and garbage. By allowing him to pass his tax cuts, you allow him to say that services must be cut too. If he gets his cuts this year, he will be back for more next year, and the next year, until nothing is left.

As a fiscal conservative, you must know that a plan that includes only cuts with no mention of new revenue sources is neither conservative nor liberal, it is merely foolish, or at worst a deliberate attack by a wealthy class against our weakest neighbours. Until the Mayor and his allies are willing to discuss a properly balanced budget that balances efficiencies with new revenues in a fiscally sustainable way, you must vote against it; there is no other prudent choice. Ford’s plan is a disaster, please do not support it.

Thanking you in advance,
your neighbour,

Greg Burrell
Ward 32

About Greg Burrell

Greg is an accountant, cyclist and political observer living in Toronto, Canada with too many cats.
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