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Is it just me, or is the “smart guy” in the Rogers wireless commercials a total douchebag?

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, Rogers Wireless has these commercials on TV around here which start off with a guy talking business with someone on a cell phone. He’s made out to be an overworked subordinate type, and always seems to be scheduling a meeting with a supervisor, when he ends up in an unfortunate situation, either going into a tunnel or down an escalator, or in the latest one running out of a boardroom, always scrambling to avoid losing his signal but ultimately getting disconnected. I feel sorry for this guy. He seems to be working his ass off all the time and getting no respect, and I imagine he’s seriously underpaid and working for a company with no perks, otherwise he could afford a haircut and a nice suit, not to mention a better cell plan.

Of course, every time this poor sap gets disconnected, out of nowhere comes Rogers Guy, around a corner or out of the tunnel, basically going through whatever calamity caused the first guy’s phone to disconnect, except he’s happily chatting away with someone on his Rogers phone which has kept its connection, despite the tunnel or bridge or whatever. Rogers Guy is this guy in a nice suit, with a perfect haircut and beaming smile, and despite his obvious status he always seems to be having an inane one-word conversation “yep, yeah, uh-huh” with whoever is on the other line. He notices the other guy having been just disconnected, and says “hey” or something else ultimately unhelpful. In the latest commercial he doesn’t let the other guy in from the rain after he runs out a locked-from-the-inside door to try to keep on his call.

To add to the effect (or the insult) every time Rogers Guy makes his appearance, the epic introduction to Strauss’ Also Sprach Zarathustra starts playing. Ahh, marketing.

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